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Flag of Sri Lanka

Embassy of Sri Lanka in Kabul, Afghanistan

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Common Visa Types

Citizens of qualified countries may be able to travel to Sri Lanka without a visa. The most common types of Sri Lanka visas are the following.

  • Visit visas
    • Tourist visit visa
  • Residence visas
    • Employment category visa
    • Investor category visa
    • Religious category visa
    • Student category visa
  • Business purpose visa
  • Registered Indians covered by the 1954 Indo-Lanka agreement
  • Ex- Sri Lankans and their dependants
  • Family members of a Sri Lankan
  • Diplomatic and official visa
  • My dream home visa programme
  • Resident guest visa programme

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Types of Sri Lankan Passports

Sri Lankan government issues several types of passports including:

Regular Passport: This is the standard passport issued to Sri Lankan citizens for general travel purposes.
Diplomatic Passport: Diplomatic passports are issued to Sri Lankan diplomats and individuals representing the Sri Lankan government on diplomatic missions abroad.
Official Passport: Official passports are issued to Sri Lankan government officials, employees of state institutions, and individuals representing the Sri Lankan government on official business or diplomatic missions.

Emergency Certificate (EC)

An Emergency Certificate (EC) is a one-way travel document issued to Sri Lankan citizens who have lost their passports or have no valid travel documents to return to Sri Lanka on an emergency basis.

Diplomatic missions of Sri Lanka in neighbouring countries/regions of Afghanistan:

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Afghanistan in Sri Lanka

Afghanistan has representation in the following city:

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