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Flag of Australia Australian Embassies, High Commissions, and Consulates

The diplomatic missions of Australia are the official offices representing Australia in foreign countries. These missions play a crucial role in fostering and maintaining Australia's international relationships. Managed primarily by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, these offices serve a variety of functions, including political diplomacy, economic negotiations, and cultural exchanges. The number of Australian diplomatic missions around the world is estimated to be over 150, reflecting the country's commitment to global engagement. In addition to these major embassies and high commissions, Australia also operates several smaller offices to extend its reach and support more localized needs.

In some countries, the Canadian and Romanian Embassies assist by providing consular services to Australians. This cooperation highlights the strong international partnerships Australia has cultivated. The primary goal of these diplomatic missions is to maintain positive and productive relationships with other nations. They also play a vital role in supporting Australian citizens living or traveling abroad, offering assistance during emergencies, legal issues, and crises. These missions are a lifeline for Australians far from home, ensuring their safety and well-being through a network of support and services.

Below is a list of embassies, high commissions, consulates, and representative offices of Australia:

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Embassies of Australia

High Commissions of Australia

Consulates of Australia