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Flag of List of heads of missions of Bhutan

List of heads of missions of Bhutan abroad. Some diplomats are accredited to more than one country.

Host Country Location Name and Designation
Flag of Australia Australia Deakin Sonam Tobgay, Ambassador
Flag of Australia Australia Sydney Ms. Catherine Harris PSM, Honorary Consul
Flag of Canada Canada Toronto Mr. Graham David Blyth, Honorary Consul
Flag of Germany Germany Bietigheim-Boissingen Dr. Wolfgang Pfeiffer, Honorary Consul
Flag of Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong Wong Kiam-seng, Honorary Consul
Flag of India India New Delhi Vetsop Namgyel, Ambassador
Flag of Japan Japan Osaka Mr. Takashi Tsuji, Honorary Consul
Flag of Japan Japan Kagoshima Dr. Ryoichi Nagata, Honorary Consul
Flag of Netherlands Netherlands The Hague Mr. Cornelis Klein, Honorary Consul
Flag of South Korea South Korea Seoul Mr. Han Young Kim, Honorary Consul General
Flag of Spain Spain Madrid Mr. Ian Patrick Triay Guerrero, Honorary Consul
Flag of Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Colombo Mr. Abbas Esufally, Honorary Consul
Flag of United States United States West Edmonds Mr. Brian Baird, Honorary Consul

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