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Flag of List of heads of missions of Macedonia

List of heads of missions of Macedonia abroad. Some diplomats are accredited to more than one country.

Host Country Location Name and Designation
Flag of Australia Australia Melbourne Sanja Zogravska Krstevska, Consul General
Flag of Australia Australia Kingsway Mr. Zoran Coseski, Honorary Consul
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo Ekrem Abibi, Ambassador
Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria Sofia Marjan Gjorcev, Ambassador
Flag of Croatia Croatia Zagreb Prof. Milaim Fetai, Ph.D., Ambassador
Flag of Czech Republic Czech Republic Praha Mr. Sashko Todorovski, Ambassador
Flag of France France Marseille Mr.Yves Yonger, Honorary Consul
Flag of Germany Germany Berlin Ramadan Nazifi, Ambassador
Flag of Hungary Hungary Budapest Mr Goran Stevchevski, Ambassador
Flag of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Vaduz Mr.Norbert Zeger, Honorary Consul
Flag of Montenegro Montenegro Podgorica Mihajlo Trpkoski, Ambassador
Flag of Norway Norway Molde Mr. Knut Odegard, Honorary Consul General
Flag of Romania Romania Bucharest Gabriel Atanasov, Ambassador
Flag of Sweden Sweden Stockholm Mira Ivanovska-Krajacic, Ambassador
Flag of Switzerland Switzerland Bern Kenan Ramadani, Ambassador
Flag of Ukraine Ukraine Kiev Krum Efremov, Ambassador
Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom London Aleksandra Miovska, Ambassador
Flag of United States United States Washington, D.C. Vasko Naumovski, Ambassador
Flag of United States United States Southfield Dragoljub Pavlovski, Consul General

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