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Flag of List of heads of missions of Monaco

List of heads of missions of Monaco abroad. Some diplomats are accredited to more than one country.

Host Country Location Name and Designation
Flag of Argentina Argentina Buenos Aires Mr Luis Alberto Erize, Honorary Consul
Flag of Australia Australia Melbourne Mr Andrew Cannon, Honorary Consul General
Flag of Belgium Belgium Brussels Ms Isabelle Berro-amadei, Ambassador
Flag of Brazil Brazil São Paulo Mr. Arnoldo Wald, Honorary Consul
Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria Sofia Mr Sergey Penev, Honorary Consul
Flag of Canada Canada Montreal Ms Diane Vachon, Honorary Consul General
Flag of China China Shanghai Mrs HSU Feng, Honorary Consul
Flag of China China Beijing Mrs Yan Lan, Honorary Consul
Flag of Cuba Cuba Havana Mr Jean-Pierre Pastor, Honorary Consul General
Flag of Cyprus Cyprus Nicosia Mr Kikis Lazarides, Honorary Consul
Flag of Denmark Denmark Charlottenlund Mr Jesper Boas Smith, Honorary Consul
Flag of France France Paris Mr. Claude Cottalorda, Ambassador
Flag of Germany Germany Berlin Mr. Frédéric Labarrère, Ambassador
Flag of Holy See Holy See Rome Mr. Claude Giordan, Ambassador
Flag of India India New Delhi Mr. Patrick Medecin, Ambassador
Flag of Italy Italy Rome Mr Robert Fillon, Ambassador
Flag of Japan Japan Tokyo Ken Kobayashi, Consul General
Flag of Malta Malta Valletta Mr. Denis Zammit Cutajar, Honorary Consul
Flag of Netherlands Netherlands Amsterdam Tom J. Krooswijk, Consul General
Flag of Netherlands Netherlands The Hague Mr Joost P. van Iersel, Honorary Consul
Flag of Pakistan Pakistan Karachi Ms Charmaine Hidayatullah, Honorary Consul
Flag of Philippines Philippines Makati City Ms Fortune Aleta Ledesma, Honorary Consul General
Flag of Poland Poland Warsaw Mr Tomasz Wardynski, Honorary Consul
Flag of Portugal Portugal Lisbon Mr. Henrique de Polignac Mascarenha de Barro, Ambassador
Flag of Russia Russia Moscow Ms Mireille Pettiti, Ambassador
Flag of Singapore Singapore Singapore Mr. Jean-Marc Arnaud-deromedi, Honorary Consul
Flag of Spain Spain Madrid Ms Catherine Fautrier-Rousseau, Ambassador
Flag of Switzerland Switzerland Bern Ms Carole Lanteri, Ambassador
Flag of Switzerland Switzerland Geneva Mr François Rumpf, Honorary Consul
Flag of Thailand Thailand Bangkok Mr Siraveth Sukhanetr, Honorary Vice-Consul
Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom London Evelyne Genta, Ambassador
Flag of United States United States Universal City Mr Richard A. Wolf, Honorary Consul

Disclaimer: Information in the above list may not be up to date due to regular personnel changes. This website is presented for information purposes only. Information deemed reliable, but not guaranteed.