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Flag of Armenia

List of ambassadors of India to Armenia

Explore the detailed history and current ambassadors of India to Armenia. Discover the key diplomatic missions and representatives fostering strong bilateral relations between India and Armenia.

Head of mission (HOM) Entered office Left office
S T Devare August 1992 July 1994
R K Rai March 1995 July 1997
V B Soni November 1997 July 1999
Bal Anand October 1999 April 2002
Deepak Vohra September 2002 October 2005
Reena Pandey November 2005 June 2009
Achal Malhotra October 2009 April 2012
Dr. T. Suresh Babu February 2013 May 2016
Yogeshwar Sangwan June 2016 June 2019
K D Dewal August 2019 Incumbent

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