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Diplomatic Missions in New Delhi

The capital city of India, New Delhi, stands as a pivotal center for international diplomacy, hosting a wide array of diplomatic missions. This list includes embassies, high commissions, and consulates, with most of these missions located in the Chanakyapuri diplomatic enclave. In January 2017, the Union Council of Ministers approved Dwarka Sector 24 to be developed as a second Diplomatic Enclave, further enhancing the city's capacity for international representation and engagement.

Diplomatic missions in New Delhi, including embassies, high commissions, and consulates, play a vital role in representing their countries' interests, promoting international relations, and providing essential services to their citizens in India. These missions are actively involved in a wide range of activities such as negotiating bilateral agreements, fostering trade and investment, facilitating cultural exchanges, and participating in international forums. The presence of numerous international organizations and institutions in the city further underscores New Delhi's status as a central hub for global diplomacy.

New Delhi's strategic importance, rich history, and vibrant cultural landscape make it an ideal location for diplomatic engagement and cooperation. The diplomatic missions in the city contribute to a dynamic and diverse international community, enhancing global ties and fostering mutual understanding. Below is a comprehensive list of the embassies, high commissions, and consulates in New Delhi; follow the links to view detailed information about each mission.

Embassies in New Delhi

High Commissions in New Delhi