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List of ambassadors of Malaysia to Turkey

Head of mission (HOM) Entered office Left office
Ahmad Zainal Abidin Yusof May 1971 February 1973
Yusof Zainal April 1973 1975
Haji Yusof Abduilah October 1975 May 1978
Mohamed Mustapha Dato Mahmud June 1978 July 1980
Abdullah Zawawi Haj Mohamad July 1980 1982
Ismail Ambia November 1982 August 1986
Kamaruddin Abu September 1986 July 1989
B Rajaram October 1989 May 1991
Zaibedah Haji Ahmad 1991 January 1996
Abdul Jalil Haon December 1996 July 2000
Raduka Melanie Leong Sock Lei September 2000 July 2003
Ahmad Mokhtar Selat October 2003 February 2006
Saipul Anuar Abd Muin March 2007 January 2014
Amran Mohamed Zžin March 2014 June 2016
Abd Razak Bin Abdul Wahab 18 August, 2016 3 August, 2019
Sazali Bin Mustafa Kamal 8 August, 2020 Incumbent

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