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Flag of Malaysia

List of ambassadors of Malaysia to Oman

Head of mission (HOM) Entered office Left office
Mohd Roze Abd Rahman 4 November, 2000 17 July, 2003
Saipul Anuar Abd Muin 16 August, 2003 30 November, 2006
Mohd Zamri Mohd Kassim 1 March, 2007 9 August, 2010
Rustam Yahaya 11 May, 2011 29 July, 2014
Umardin Hj. A. Mutalib 10 August, 2014 22 February, 2016
Shahril Effendi Abd. Ghany 16 June, 2016 11 August, 2019
Shaiful Anuar Mohammad 14 August, 2021 Incumbent

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