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Flag of Brazil Brazilian Embassies and Consulates

Brazil maintains an extensive network of diplomatic missions across the globe, including embassies, consulates, honorary consulates, and other representative offices. These missions are instrumental in promoting Brazilian culture, managing diplomatic relations, and providing support to Brazilian citizens abroad. They play a crucial role in crisis management, enhancing trade relationships, and fostering economic partnerships. By maintaining these diplomatic missions, Brazil ensures its presence on the international stage and strengthens its global ties.

Each Brazilian diplomatic mission offers a wide range of services to both citizens and foreign nationals, including visa processing, consular assistance, and facilitating bilateral trade and cultural exchanges. These missions are vital in maintaining strong international relationships and providing essential support to Brazilians worldwide. Explore our comprehensive list of Brazilian Embassies, Consulates, Honorary Consulates, and Representative Offices to learn more about their services and locations, ensuring you have access to the necessary support and resources wherever you are in the world.

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Embassies of Brazil

Consulates of Brazil

Honorary Consulates of Brazil