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Flag of List of heads of missions of Kuwait

List of heads of missions of Kuwait abroad. Some diplomats are accredited to more than one country.

Host Country Location Name and Designation
Flag of Argentina Argentina Buenos Aires Abdullah Ali A. Alyahya, Ambassador
Flag of Australia Australia Canberra Najeeb Al - Bader, Ambassador
Flag of Austria Austria Vienna Sadiq M. Marafi, Ambassador
Flag of Bangladesh Bangladesh Dhaka H. E. Mr. Adel Mohammed A H Hayat, Ambassador
Flag of Canada Canada Ottawa H.E. Reem Alkhaled, Ambassador
Flag of Germany Germany Berlin Najib Abdulrahman Al - Bader, Ambassador
Flag of Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong Salah Hamdan Alsaif, Consul General
Flag of Italy Italy Rome Sheikh Ali Khaled Al Jaber Al Sabah, Ambassador
Flag of Japan Japan Tokyo Hasan Mohammad Zaman, Ambassador
Flag of Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Colombo Khalaf M. M. Bu Dhhair, Ambassador
Flag of Sweden Sweden Stockholm Nabeel Al Dakheel, Ambassador
Flag of Tanzania Tanzania Dar es Salaam Mr Mubarak Mohammad Alsehaijan, Ambassador
Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom London Mr. Khaled Al-Duwaisan, Ambassador
Flag of United States United States Washington, D.C. Salem Abdullah Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, Ambassador

Disclaimer: Information in the above list may not be up to date due to regular personnel changes. This website is presented for information purposes only. Information deemed reliable, but not guaranteed.