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Flag of China Chinese Embassies, Consulates, and Representative Offices

China has established a vast network of diplomatic missions across the globe, encompassing embassies, consulates, and representative offices. These missions play a pivotal role in representing China's interests internationally, fostering diplomatic relations, and promoting Chinese culture abroad. They provide essential consular services to Chinese citizens, facilitate trade, and strengthen bilateral ties with host countries. Administered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, these missions ensure that China's diplomatic and consular needs are met effectively and efficiently.

The heads of these offices, appointed by the Government of China, are responsible for maintaining and enhancing the country's international relationships. These missions are also critical in crisis management, offering support and assistance during emergencies. By promoting cultural exchanges and providing key services such as the issuance of travel documents, Chinese diplomatic missions contribute significantly to the nation's global influence and presence. Explore the list of Chinese Embassies, Consulates, and Representative Offices to learn more about their roles and locations.

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Embassies of China

Consulates of China